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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  October 23, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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a search is under way tonight for a missing bay area kayaker and authorities fear the worse. good evening and thanks for joining us, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. crews have not given up hope on finding the 53-year-old man after his kayak flipped over. this is being called a freak accident, pat to the ti lee has more. >> reporter: a search boat out on the water. coast guard not giving up they are still looking for a man they've identified as tom gregor who launched with two pals to celebrate his recovery
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from cancer. friends of the missing man towed his kayak to shore. some what dazed by how quickly their idealic afternoon change -ld. >> it's a freak accident. freak accident. flat water calm freaky accident. >> reporter: bill barnes told us the three had been kayaking all afternoon. after a boat passed by creating a wave. >> as we were coming up the andres creek, we went like this and it pushed us this way. me and lincoln went through it. and then when i turned around to watch see how he was doing his boat was already over. >> reporter: when the kayaker went over, the kayaker did surface crews started their search. >> everyone on a beautiful day, anything can happen. that's why you need to be prepared. >> reporter: the coast guard is taking the lead and is starting
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to interview witnesses on the water. friend alina subercova who started kayakic told us the water thank turbulence was not unmanageable. >> what i know he has much more experience than i do. >> they're missing friend had years of experience from the water but had taken some time off to beat cancer. >> he had beaten cancer and was high on life. he was like, i'm going to kayak now, yeah. >> reporter: friends say they are not giving hope that their friend survived. after all he has beaten the odds before. they will be making decisions throughout the night on how long they will continue this search effort. patti lee, ktvu news? the driver of a van was involved in a collision this morning.
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a highway patrol officer happened to be driving behind the church moments before the collision. the man was dead at the scene. investigators say they know who was at fault. >> it woáuld appear that the driver of the truck did not yield -- it would appear that the driver of the truck did not yield the right of way into the driver of the van. >> reporter: a female passenger in the van was taken to santa rosa hospital. the people in the truck were not injured. today the driver of a transit band accused of running over the motorcyclest was booked on suspicion of murder and felony hit-and-run. police aren't confirming if the man killed was associated with the hell's angel. >> reporter: san leandro police released this mug shot of oakland resident eddy hall. investigators say he was behind the pear transit band that hit and killed a motorcyclists. they say the motorcycle driver
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was thrown from the bike and under the bus. police say hall kept on driving. >> the driver dragged the motorcycle all over all lanes of the freeway. so you had like gouge marks, debris littering the roadway until they finally stopped. >> reporter: by the time hall stopped, the motorcycle had burst into flames. there were no passengers on board the van at the time. investigators say hall was then caught on foot. today investigators say the collision wasn't an accident but did not give a ho táeu. >> there's no word on if this was classified as a motive. >> reporter: tonight police are not confirming that the rider was a member of the hell's angel. >> we don't know for sure if he
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was a full fledged member or he was just an associate. >> reporter: there were hundreds more potential witnesses doing what i am doing, driving. and they say those witnesses may have valuable information to offer. christien kafton, channel 2 news. san jose police are still searching tonight for the man accused of killing a fellow hell's angel member at a funeral. officers fired tear gas into a house in stockton yesterday where they believed 38-year-old steve ruiz was hiding out. after a 12 hour lock down police said he wasn't there. ruiz is suspected of shooting and killing this man, 52-year- old steven towsen. that was at a funeral last weekend. san jose police are investigating another homicide. this one involving the stabbing death of a 22-year-old man early this morning. police responding to reports of a fight around 1:40 this morning in union street. officers say they found the victim on near by west virginia
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street unconscious on the sidewalk with at least one stab wound. he died at the hospital about an hour later. so far no arrests have been made. this marks the 39th homicide of the year for the city. there's been another officer involved shooting in san jose. the seventh so far this year. as anthony savage reports, this time it happened inside a crowded hotel. >> reporter: san jose police closed down this extended hotel today. this is where investigators say two officers shot a man who showed a weapon of some kind. his wounds were not life threatening and the officers weren't hurt. police were called out just before 8:00 this morning to check on the man who was passed out in a hotel stairwell. >> he eventually did wake up. displayed some type of threatening behavior with a weapon to the driver. >> reporter: berra says he passed by that man lying on the stairs shortly after the shooting. berra says she was wearing some kind of a costume.
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>> he had a green outfit on with a red cross on it. the thing that caught my eye was tucked into the middle of his belt was a gun. i thought it was a toy gun and that they were as you said dressed up for some kind of party. >> reporter: barry says he heard loud music coming from what he thought was a halloween party. >> last night there was a bit of a party going on. so i thought it was the aftermath of the party. >> police won't confirm if there was a party going on or give details about what that man was wearing. investigators will only say he threatened the officers and they opened fire. >> hopefully we'll have an opportunity to interview that individual today and find out what his background is and what his mind set was at the time of the shooting. investigators tell us this was the seventh police shooting in san jose so far this year. the investigation shut down this hotel for most of the day. the man shot by officers at this hotel is expected to survive. and police say he could poly face charges for displaying a weapon. in the meantime the officers
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who opened fire are on paid leave. in san jose alex salve advantage, alex savedge, ktvu news. san francisco mayor ed lee is facing allegation of election fraud. seven san francisco mayoral candidates sent a letter today to federal and state investigation. the letter says media reported that several voters did not allow the mayor to sign the candidate over than lee. lee says the group in question has nothing to do with him cam page. a pedestrian was shot and killed in redwood city early this morning. it happened just before 4:30
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near the third avenue exit. a black honda suv was heading southbound. the driver stopped and has been cooperating with if highway patrol. a single southbound lane of 101 was shut down for about 90 minutes. activists with the occupy oakland movement have -- hundreds of protesters have been camped out there since october 10th. on friday, city officials said the group had to pick up and leave by that night but so far it appears nobody is leaving. an oakland city councilwoman says she fears the occupy oakland movement has been coopted by people who are insighting violence. >> i think that there's an element of the people, some of the anarchist that are part public that want to be part of the organization. >> protesters set up the city
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hall encampment, when that site became overcrowded, some protesters moved to set up a second occupy oakland movement. more trouble tonight for pg & e after a pipeline that caused last year's deadly explosion in san bruno. the company was aware of more than two dozen leaks on that line. when it declared it free of seem weld leaks back -- seam weld leaks back in 2009. that's right before it exploded. the chronicle says if pg & e reported a leak, an inspection for similar problems would have been required. tomorrow the book about the life of steve jobs goes on sale 2.5 weeks after his death. author walter ikerson says that jobs asked him to write the biography seven years ago when jobs was already ill.
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since then, izeckson has interviewed the apple founder more than 40 times. ikerson says jobs asked him to write an honest book about his strengths and his weaknesses. it's what sat on this concrete
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the red tail hawk seen with a nail on its head is now free of that nail. members of wild rescue out of monterey captured the hawk and brought it to the animal center friday evening. this is new photos as you see the hawk along with the nail which rescuers said fell out as the bird was being transported. we're told the animal is doing very well. it's believed someone intentionally shot the bird with a nail gun. there's a $10,000 reward in the case. new at 10:00, a 500-pound church bell is missing tonight. the historic church artifact is believed to have been stolen overnight from the cathedral. jade hernandez is live tonight with the plea. >> reporter: how someone stole
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something so large and so heavy is baffling. the bell used to sit on this concrete slab and this morning it was gone. tourists visit st. mary's cathedral admiring its modern form. sitting on the corner, this bell also drew the crowd. >> we always take a picture when we come here. >> reporter: what she didn't see shocked amy and her neighbors. >> they must have used a vehicle to haul it. >> the last time the security, the parking lot security saw it was about 2:00 a.m. in the morning. >> reporter: then a tour list reported it gone at 11:00 this morning. >> we can't imagine that it would have disappeared while services was going on. >> reporter: the three to 4- foot bell is 500 pounds and came from the previous cathedral which burned down almost 50 years ago. the couple who noticed the bell missing from the concrete slab
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on their walk say they've heard about smalling thefts. >> there's always some incident breaking car break-ins, and in occasion someone will snatch a purse. >> reporter: but nothing like this. >> we sort of take it for granted almost. >> reporter: recyclers can buy brass back for a little more than $1 a pound. keep in mind this bell weighed about 500 pounds. the music director agreed to discuss this with staff because they believe someone will return it. we were unable to contact the san francisco police tonight. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. police in buehrleing game are investigating an overnight shooting. officers say when they got there they found a 24-year-old oakland man shot in his jaw and a 25-year-old man from tracy with a gunshot wound to his chest. both victims were taken to the hospital. they are expected to survive. police say the shooting may
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have stemmed from some sort of earlier altercation, no arrests have been made. a napa state hospital man who was killed by a mentally ill patient was honored today in an emotional memorial. family, friends and coworkers gathered at the hospital to remember donna gross. the concord woman was a technician at the hospital for 25 years. she was killed a year ago today, and her family says not enough was done to keep the staff safe. >> i'm really angry about what happened to my mom here, and i don't want to sit and tell you all how wonderful everything was because it's not wonderful. it's not okay here. >> workers at other state hospitals had remembrances of their own. organizers say they want to highlight the concerns for patients and employee safety at all of california's mental health facilities. tonight the death toll has risen to 217 people after an earthquake rocked turkey.
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the earthquake pancaked buildings and left others cracked and damaged. >> reporter: it's the most dramatic earthquake that huh turkey has experienced. in the town of argis, emergency crews and citizens dug through debris and rubble from dozens of collapsed buildings looking for survivors. shocked residents filled the streets crying while as opposed while some of the injured were carried out of apartments the last quake of this size in turkey a dozen years ago killed nearly 900 people. an istanbul journalist says they have reason to believe this time the damage was not so bad. >> it happened on a sunday
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afternoon, so there weren't people asleep, there weren't people at work. we're just hoping that the damage will be lower than we might have suspected other wise. >> reporter: now rescue teams are working to survey the damage as countries around the world offer their support. i'm barbara hall reporting. tonight it appears what some feared would be a political crisis has been averted. today nevada republicans voted to move the date of their caucus to february 4th. the decision is likely to mean that new hampshire will hold it's primary in january. the nevada gop has recently agreed to hold their caucus in january. that threatened new hampshire to move their caucus to this december. michelle bachmann criticized the president's handling of iraq and suggested iraq should reimburse the united states. >> i believe iraq should reimburse the united states fully for the amount of money that we have spent to liberate these people. they are not a poor country.
11:49 pm
they are a wealthy country. i think they need to do that. >> reporter: bachmann went on to express outrage on what she calls the iraqi's lack of tkpwratty taoud gratitude to the united states. the united nations was founded in san francisco in 1945. and the charter was ratified later that year in new york. today's event was organized by the united nations association and was intended to celebrate the interdependence of all life on earth. a day of celebration in libya. what leaders are promising as the country continues to
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calls for celebration in bangazi's main square, celebration as rebels call the revelation is done. the council vowed the new libyan government would be based on the tenants of islamic religion. with 42 years of gadhafi rule behind them, libyans now face huge challenges to form a new liberal society. >> a formal end to the eight month civil war is being called. this after gadhafi's capture and death. >> the regime is gone, now we have to look for a new future. i just came here to see to make
11:53 pm
sure that he's finished. and every piece of my body knows he's finished and gone. he's finished and gone now. >> reporter: libya begins the process of establishing a new institution and government. they said the laws that contradicts libyans would be vanished. those leading the process of a postconflict transition in libya say a parliament and presidential vote will take place within a year. in the meantime a new interim government and elections drew constitutional assembly
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sometime in the next eight months. david piper, fox news. in other news of the world tonight a historic day in tenesia where voters cast ballots in the first election since the ousting of president ben allie. he was forced out following mass demonstrations. more than 90% of registered voters turned out for today' election. results are not expected until tomorrow or tuesday. in vatican city, a man climbed up to the top column and called to the pope where is christ. the man then proceeded to burn a bible. vatican police and bishop were able to talk the man back inside. it's not clear who the man was or what he was trying to convey. pope benedict was unaware of the man and continued mass. and yesterday a white shark
11:55 pm
killed a houston man. some feared that a man eating shark may be to blame, scientists say it's more like a coincidence that the three killings happened so closely. an engineer stuck in the south pole for eight months is going to pass through the bay area. she will make stops in san francisco and washington before arriving at john hopkins hospital in maryland tomorrow night. doctors believe desuer had a stroke back in august while working at the national science
11:56 pm
foundation's south pole research station. they say she will recover almost completely with a proper treatment. dozens of people are displace tonight after an apartment fire in san jose. the chaotic scene as people try to run from the fire. there is a push in congress to ♪
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southern california firefighters have contained a grass fire near the uc campus. it started about 3:00 this afternoon just southeast of the campus. 35acres were burned, no homes were damaged. some south bay residents jumped from balconies to escape an apartment fire.
11:59 pm
one firefighters suffered minor burns to his face. as allie rasmus reports she tells us what started the fire and the new questions about the smoke detectors. >> reporter: would be crews boarded up -- work crews boarded up the home in san jose. >> it was cook, a person was cooking. they noticed the fire in the pan and they called it in. >> reporter: neighbors anxiously watched the fire grow. >> just coming out of the window. >> reporter: teresa told us neighbors were knocking on doors telling people to get out. some tried to jump out balconies to escape. fire firefighters went into rescue mode using ladders to help people down. >> the fire spread a bit more than it did in the exterior. you can't see it from here.
12:00 am
it is on the inside and through the interior walls. in several places the floor burned through. firefighters called these vta buses out to the apartment complex to give displaced residents a place to sit and rest while the red cross tried to find them housing. more than 10 families including 10 children were displaced. >> i think they are in shock. raced out of bed in the middle of night, fire, you leave with whatever you can grab. >> reporter: firefighters say they will investigate whether the fire detectors were working properly, since some people in the farther rooms did not know about the fire until neighbors warned them. that offer a curb -- the flyers claim that they are being distributed by a city service or something that
12:01 am
sounds like a city service. but nummi says that the city usually does not paint numbers on curb. and if they do, they do not demand pay for the work. this may be more lucrative holiday season. retail sales this holiday season are expected to jump by 3% compared to last year. that is also expected to fuel a need for more workers. many large retail chains such as macy's, toys r' us or kohl's plan to hire more workers.
12:02 am
>> the typical job is unloading of a truck, and cash register duties. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for the national retail foundation says many of those seasonal jobs could turn into permanent employment. a push in congress to make it a requirement for all employers to verify a person's immigration status has made it to the house. claudine wong reports farmers insists it would only hurt their business. >> fernando antevares has had a stand at the farmers market. he says he's always looking for workers. he says it's hard to find workers and even harder to find legal workers. >> it's hard because nobody wants to work on the field. >> reporter: employers like ontevares should not only be
12:03 am
looking but checking all the immigration status. >> the jobs now filled by illegal should go to unemployed americans. >> reporter: e verify has been in place since 1996 but it's an option for employers. smith's bill would make it mandatory. the debate on whether business like the bautista farm should use e verify have been going on at the city level and county level. california governor jerry brown took a stand when he sign into law assembly bill 1236. ab1236 makes it illegal for california cities and counties to require employees to use the e verify service. as for ontevares. >> we're always looking for people because they're hard to find now. >> reporter: he says his problem is not which workers to
12:04 am
hire, but finding workers at all. claudine wong, ktvu. dozens enjoyed a night of music. the crowd streamed earlier to the shoreline amphitheater. we spoke to a neil young fan who says the event is like any other rock concert. >> i'm just looking forward to people sitting in with you. like neil young or carlos santana. the stuff you don't get to see everywhere else. that's the stuff i'm looking forward to. get a load of these names, tony bennett was along the performers. this year's concert was the first to be streamed live over the web. calfire wants to let people in the south bay know not to be concerned if they smell smoke this evening. for the last several days, crews say a controlled burn has been on the way at big basin state park. in all about 300 acres were burned as part of the vegetation management. while the fire is out,
12:05 am
firefighters say the smoke is still lingering. out of their cars and
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people in san francisco enjoyed this really nice bay area weather today at the sunday streets event. today's street fair was in the mission district along velencia. the events were closed to cars. the events were created to get people out of their cars and to
12:08 am
promote health and exercise. i saw plenty of smiles today under mostly sunny skies. everybody happy it seems like with most neighbors back into the 80s -- neighborhoods into the 80s this afternoon. we have mostly clear skies over a good portion of the bay area. there's that fog bank though to our south. really concentrated close to the santa barbara and los angeles. that cloud bank will be approaching the bay area overnight. looking out to marin county, you can see a few high clouds pushing through the region but no evidence of that fog just yet. highs from today, san francisco for the second day in a row. 81degrees, look at all the eight 80s for santa rosa. right around 80 this afternoon. forecast headlines for tonight. we do have this, mostly clear skies. tomorrow we're going to clear this off a good eight to 12 degrees. the extended still a warm
12:09 am
weather pattern and temperatures on the mild side. overnight lows, most of the regions starting off in the 50s. we took the coolest spots in the 40s, livermore right around 50 degrees. tomorrow as i mentioned that fog bank developing to our south. we have more of a southerly flow developing as a result the fog returns coast side so with that, no more 80s for tomorrow. the warmest location mainly in the mid- to upper 70s. a big drop off in the beaches with drop offs to the 60s. this cooler weather moves to the north, east of the bay area. heading toward nevada. but that will bring more cooling. the circulation will increase the winds primarily for the higher terrain. higher danger will be in the rise for late tuesday into wednesday. there is a possibility we could have a weather watch kick in but elevated fire danger. especially for the north bay hills and the east bay hills. here's our forecast model showing some of the fog
12:10 am
returns. could be locally dense. into the afternoon hours that cloud bank pushes back into the bay. the warmest locations no more 80s. there's that yellow contour linking up with the 70s for tomorrow afternoon. santa rosa 76, concord 76 as well. oakland lower 70s. san jose tops out 75, once again these temperatures on average about eight to 12 degrees cooler than today's very toasty readings. here is a look ahead. the extended forecast, temperatures continue to trend up until tuesday. a mixture of sun and clouds but no rainfall in that extended forecast. maureen and kent i can't think of a nicer weekend so far this year with the temperatures today baking. even the the beaches in the 80s. it's great. >> october has been
12:11 am
spectacular. thank you mark. well dozens of people came together in oakland today to honor the dead. an early day of the dead celebration was held this afternoon at the oakland museum of california. visitors enjoyed live performances, arts, food and nutritional ofrendas or offerings meant for the people who have passed away. mexican holiday is traditionally marked on the first day of november. paranormal ii set a record at the box office this weekend. maureen just jumped. >> i won't be seeing that. >> it was the biggest opening ever for an october release. real steel came in second.
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good evening everyone and welcome to this sunday night edition of sports wrap. big intrigue as it turned out neither of opgs did anything today against the chief's to distinguish themselves -- neither of the options did anything to distinguish themselves. kyle bowler found out last night that he would get to start. here is how bowler day began. the only guy with the shot at
12:15 am
getting him that doesn't happen. it's a 59-yard return for the score. just 2.5 minute spwaos the game, 7-0 kansas city -- 2-1/5 minutes into the game. this one is picked off by brandon flowers. two passes, two picks for bowler. not packly exactly the start he had imagined. 14-0 kansas city after a quarter. one of oakland's major offense taken away. that turned the primary rushing duties over to bush. bush gets it done here. rumbling 35 yards to the kansas 85. fourthand goal now from the one. bowler is on the sideline. bush takes the snap and a wild catch. but he stopped for no gain. the raiders turn it over on down. bowler's day got longer.
12:16 am
in chief easter 's territory before the half. bowler 7-13 with three interceptions. palmer got the call after one series in the fourth quarter. things department go any better for him. flowers is all over this pass. he'll take it back 58 yards for a score. palmer like bowler picked off three times, not too many teams are going to win when they throw six interceptions. the injured jason campbell on the sideline left to wonder what would win. the raiders are 4-3, things will slow down now for palmer with a bye week before oakland's next game. >> it's been a wild week. it's been absolutely crazy. and today it got even crazier. just disappointed in my performance and my team's performance. we have a lot of work to do. i know about 10% of the offense and you know having had hardly any rest at all this week. so i have to get a lot of rep,
12:17 am
got to get in the play book and get comfortable. >> i know he wanted to be in there. he's been chomping at the bit. but i wasn't going to throw him to the wolves. carson palmer did not lose the game. as i told you guys, i'm going to say it. i'm going to say it again. carson palmer did not lose the game, bowler did not lose the game. coach lost the game. we will be back. >> despite the fact that they were idle. pittsburgh steelers have been playing football for a long time. this is the longest pass play in team mystery. a couple of arizona cardinals with the shot. but they won't get him. that's a 95-yard touchdown pass. the steelers go on to win 32- 20. handling the cardinals the loss. seattle is in second place
12:18 am
three games back after a stirring 6-3 loss. then there's the rams who were in dallas. ham millton and berkman helping with the coin toss. this wul all dallas. that worked out pretty well. he goes 95 yards for the first score of the game. 253yards neither emmitt smith nor tony dorsett ever did that. red skins see their record even to 3-3 as they lose to cam newton and carolina. san diego led and gave it up in the third quarter. jets win 27-35.
12:19 am
san diego now 4-1/1/2 ahead. and london was the backdrop of the bears game. that's only good enough for third place in the nfc north. after starting out 5-0 the lions suffer their second straight loss this time to the falcons. let the tim tebow era start. he then threw this screen with 17 seconds left. tewob threw a pair of touchdown passes in the third quarter. but the broncos still needed a two point conversion to force over time. they got it when tebow found the end zone. then in ot, matt prater connected on a 52-yard field goal. trailing 15-0 with 5.5 minutes left. the cowboys pull this one out
12:20 am
as the tebow supporters get further accreditation. the packers got all they wanted today from the vickings and new starting back christian ponder. but the packers have the ability to kick it into another deal. you could say the vickings blow cover coverage on this play. jennings jobs 79 yards to the end zone. the defending champs remain the league's only unbeaten team 7-0 after this 33-27 win. tomorrow night, baltimore, jacksonville round out week seven of the 2011 season. pitching emerged again tonight in the world series and as a result the rangers and cardinals are even at two games each. the 43rd president of the united states doing first pitch honors at his home stage. nolan ryan cannot handle a late movement on the ball. washington would be smiling all night in the first-inning, josh
12:21 am
hamilton got into an edwin jackson pitch. andrus came all the way around to score. it was 1-0 texas. here's how napoli greeted him. all of a sudden a tight game becomes 4-0. the texas fans celebrating that one. his seventh and final strike out of the game. the rangers even it out. feliz got the final out as the rangers got the 4-0 shut out. still to come. the six high school games you will vote [ female announcer ] from the very first moment we arrive...
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half way through nascar chase for the cut, several drivers still have a shot. the big one always seems to be just around the corner at talladega but it didn't materialize today. a.j. almendiger was involved in this. finished 32nd dropping him to fifth in the chase. there was another crash on 363 that slowed johnson down. johnson finished 26th. he's seventh in points. the race came down to the final lap in a battle between clint
12:26 am
boyer and clinton. both drivers control their cars despite contact. boyer able to charge off his teammate and win in a photo finish. he's not in the chase but gets his first win of the year. carl edwards still leads by 13 points over matt kenseth. when you rush for 463 yards against a ranked opponent you would think you would move up the polls. and stanford is moving up. the cardinal is regarded most favorly by the u.s.a. today coaches poll. the new associated press pole has stanford sixth tonight in the bcs poll. lsu and alabama remain one, two and all three. next up is usc in los angeles. high school football is at the time of the year when some very important lead games are being played. we've got good ones for you to
12:27 am
vote on for our high school game of the week. our six choices, santa monica valley. acalani at dublin, menlo at aregon and milpitas. vote until thursday and then see you under the lights. >> i saw some hard hand shape, no notable slaps in the back. >> nobody chasing after anybody. be sure to join ktvu morning news and we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu. thanks again for joining us. we hope you all have a good night. ♪
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